Pre-school Children

Step and Learn is open between Tuesday and Friday for pre-school children 0-5 years.
Babies and children attend with their parent or carer for programmes that last for one and a half to two and a half hours. All these sessions focus on activating the child through programmes that are appropriate to the particular group and the individuals within it. Working in groups develops the young child’s social skills and provides an environment in which the parents can benefit from mutual support.
Parents continue to learn how to transfer the skills learned by them and their children into daily activities at home.

Saturday Children

Step and Learn is open on Saturdays for children aged over 5. The groups are aged and ability based with sessions lasting up to two and a half hours.

Sessions help the child to develop a range of skills that other children of their own age might take for granted.  For instance: The Step and Learn team work with parents to improve their child’s spacial and body awareness, along with improved mobility, and the development of feeding and toileting skills. Step and Learn assist the child to develop communication skills by whatever means, whilst also learning to interact with other children through sharing, taking turns and making choices.  It is a principle of Conductive Education that a holistic approach to the child is imperative incorporating the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

Our Approach

A positive and pro-active approach is adopted by Step and Learn.  We encourage a child to say, “I can” rather than saying “I can’t”.  We respect and value parental contributions and put them at the forefront of their child’s development, helping them to adopt the programmes for use in the home, turning the skills learned into a meaningful array of abilities that will help in their everyday life.


Accessing our sessions

We will ask you to bring your child along for an assessment; this can be arranged by contacting a member of the Step and Learn team on 07395 127815 or by email to At the assessment our staff will ascertain whether Conductive Education will meet your child’s needs. We do maintain the proviso that the manager, in consultation with parents will make the final decision on offering a place for your child.