Conductive Education

Step and Learn is a charity dedicated to assisting the physical and educational needs of children with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders. Our aim is to view the child holistically, educating and motivating the child through play, to become active participants in their lives throughout their day.

Conductive Education is not a treatment or therapy, but a way of life. We teach our children how to control their physical movements, believing in the theory that motor disabled children learn in the same way as their peers.

Step and Learn promotes a setting that is fun, active, stimulating and diverse. All children are engaged in activities which aim to bring out their full potential. We acknowledge their likes and dislikes and encourage them by whatever means to express their opinions, which are then valued and explored by the practitioners.

Parental Partnerships

Here at Step and Learn Conductive Education Service the emphasis is placed on a partnership between practitioners and parents, we recognise that all parents should be at the forefront of their child’s educational and motor skills development, and acknowledge the crucial role all parents possess to achieve this development through play based activities lead by Step and Learn professionals.

Parental involvement is considered crucial to the child’s learning and development, therefore participation within the programme offered requires a commitment from the whole family.
Step and Learn promotes the importance of transferring skills learnt within the sessions to be used within the home and school environment. To support this transition staff are willing to visit the child’s home and school setting to offer support, guidance and continuity of care.

Our Aims

  • To empower children to achieve and express their needs, wants, likes and dislikes

  • To provide the child and parents with access to a broad and balanced learning environment in-order for them to succeed within their own communities

  • To facilitate the success of the child in community life through the teaching of daily tasks that are essential to the growth of motor, cognitive, social and communication skills

  • To stimulate and motivate the child to problem solve using taught strategies which will benefit the challenges faced within their daily lives

  • To enable parents to take a positive view of their child, to value their uniqueness and to recognise and work with their potential

  • To enable parents to feel valued and able to express their opinions openly and constructively

  • To support families through the provision of parent training which will enable them to independently support their child at home

  • To promote links with regional and local statutory bodies and voluntary provision across the sectors of Health, Education and Social Services


Who might benefit?

Step and Learns' educational programmes can meet the needs of children with:

  • Cerebral palsy or other motor disorders

  • Genetic disorders resulting in motor impairment

  • Motor impairment that results from head injury

How can I access Step and Learn Services

The answer is simple; Self Referral, call 07395 127815 or contact us

How old do the children need to be to attend?

Tuesday to Friday: 0-5 years old
Saturday club:  Over 5 years old

How much will it cost?

We rely on donations and fund raising so we can offer our services free of charge.