Please help us to keep our service free


Please donate £5 to our charity to help to keep our service free for the families, who attend. Ask 2 friends/family members to do the same and make sure they ask 2 other persons too, who will do the same. If you don’t break the flow, we can get very far with lots of £5 donations. Thank you!

Step and Learn has been offering free Conductive Education sessions for children with different motor disorders since 2012. Our charity is dedicated to help these children to reach their full potential. We teach our children how to control their physical movements, believing in the theory that motor disabled children learn in the same way as their peers.

Conductive Education is not a treatment or therapy, but a way of life. People with disabilities frequently spend much of their time being assessed for what they ‘cannot do’ rather than what potential they have. At Step and Learn we observe this potential in each child and nurture their development and devise structured programmes to enable success.


Massive congratulations to our trustee; Patrick Barden and his friend Callum who cycled over 250 miles from Kent to the home of Manchester United; Old Trafford.















You can watch a video about their ride here



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